Butter Scotch Praline | How to make Butter Scotch Praline at home.

French Praline is a firm combination of almonds and caramelized sugar.

The nuts which come in our mouth while eating the creamy-soft ButterScotch Ice cream, are known as pralines or butterscotch nuts. Butterscotch nuts are easily available in the market, but since you can make them at home, why not give it a try? πŸ˜‰

I have already posted How to make ButterScotch Ice cream at home, I thought why not making praline from the scratch. Its yummy, tasty, gives that nutty flavor when you take a bite from the ButterScotch Ice cream.

Let’s get started

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Butter Scotch Praline | How to make Butter Scotch Praline at home.
  1. Dry roast almonds in a pan. Once roasted a bit, take out and keep the aside.
  2. In the same pan, caramelized sugar till it gets melted and light brown in color.
  3. Switch of the gas and add roasted almonds. Mix well.
  4. Spread the mixture on a greased flat surface and allow it to cool and harden.It will look like a chikki.
  5. Once cool down, scrape it out using a palate knife and coarsely powder it using a mortar-pestle (khalbatta)
  6. Once coarsely powdered, add butterscotch essence and give it a mix
  7. Tada! ButterScotch Praline is ready.
Recipe Notes

Use this while making ButterScotch Icecream.

Happy Cooking!

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