Boondi Raita | How to make instant Boondi raita at home.

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Summer is almost here and so is the season of having fresh raita. I absolutely love the combination of having garama garam paratha with fresh chilled raita. It’s the season where you can experiment with different varieties of raita. Boondi Raita is one dish which is loved by all of us.


Easy, quick and simple to make. If you live in India, you can get these namkeen Boondi packets easily available at your local grocery stores. You can store these readymade Boondi in your refrigerator and use as and when needed. Don’t keep them for too long as it might leave oil. Use fresh packets or you can even make Boondi at home.

Let’s chill with this chilled Boondi Raita.


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Boondi Raita
Chilled Boondi Raita - Serve it with Paratha, Rice or Puris. Quick and easy to make.
Cuisine indian
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cuisine indian
Prep Time 10 minutes
  1. In a deep mixing bowl, take dahi/Curd. Add a small quantity of water to give it a raita consistency. Whisk it well using a whisker. Initially, add less water as we don't want the raita to be very thin.
  2. Add jeera powder, rock salt, salt, red chili powder and dried pudina powder. You can adjust these masalas according to your taste. Mix all these well.
  3. Finally, add Boondi and mix it well. Try to add Boondi when you are about to serve or half an hour before.
  4. Keep it in refrigertor and serve chill. Garnish it with mint leaves or red chilli powder.
  5. Chilled Boondi Raita is ready to serve with Parathas, Rice or Puris.
Recipe Notes

Notes :

  • Add Boondi when you are about to serve. This is done so that Boondi doesn't get soggy.
  • Instead of water, you can add milk to thin the consistency.
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