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HOLI- The festival of Rang, Gulaal, Water Balloons, Pitchkari, Gujiya and Thandai is here. I absolutely love Holi, as it adds colors to our lives and makes everyone come closer. What’s better than celebrating Holi with loads of sweets and namkeen πŸ˜‰

This is the next recipe in my Holi Special Recipe Series. My previous recipe was on *How to make Thandai Masala at home* and have posted the detailed recipe here

You can make Thandai Masala before hand, store it in a jar and then use it whenever guests come over.

Thandai is a refreshing drink made with chilled Milk and Thandai masala. It’s easy, refreshing and homemade.

Let’s get started.

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Thandai Recipe
Prep Time 15 minutes
Prep Time 15 minutes
  1. Take already boiled milk at room temperature, add saffron strands and sugar to it. Mix it well and keep the milk in refrigerator to chill for an hour.
  2. In a small katori, take 2 tea spoons of thandai powder and add 2 tea spoons of milk to it. Soak the thandai mixture in milk for at least half an hour.
  3. Now strain the thandai and milk mixture under a cotton/muslin cloth. We just want the juice of thandai mixture and not the spices. Take out all the juice by squeezing with the help of fingers.
  4. Lastly add thandai juice, which we have strained and add it to the chilled saffron milk.
  5. Beat it with hand blender and serve chilled.
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Have a safe and Happy Holi!


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