Rasgulla Recipe | How to make Spongy Rasgullas at home | Step-by-Step Recipe

Wishing you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. This is the first recipe of 2016, and I thought why not start with *Kuch Meetha* and what can be more yummier than Rasgullaaaaas! πŸ˜€

Rasgulla or Rosogulla needs no introduction, right? πŸ˜‰ We all love these Soft-Spongy and Melts-in-your-mouth sweet dish.

Those who don’t know what Rasgulla is, it is a very popular Indian Sweet dish which is made from Milk. You just need three ingredients and they are Milk, Lemon Juice and Sugar syrup. As Rasgullas are super light in texture and taste, and as these are made from Cow Milk, they are very nutritious too.

Making perfect spongy rasgulla is an art. You might need a bit of practice and few attempts to make them perfect like market ones. But once you get the trick, this is the simplest and quickest sweet dish which you can make and serve it to your guests. Now as I am still learning cooking, I have learned this from my Mom πŸ˜‰

P.S : This time I’ve made them from scratch and my mom was just guiding me. πŸ˜›

To make the recipe simple and easy to understand. I have divided the recipe into parts.
Making Cheena.

Making Rasgulla Balls

Making Sugar Syrup

Cooking Rasgullas

Brace yourself. Lets get started.

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Rasgulla Recipe
Course dessert
Cuisine indian
Prep Time 25 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Course dessert
Cuisine indian
Prep Time 25 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
  1. Making Cheena
  2. Take Milk in a pan or in a big vessel. Keep it on a low-medium flame and let it come for a boil.
  3. Once a boil has come, switch off the flame. Now add a tablespoon of water just to reduce the hotness of milk. This is optional, as you can wait for few minutes. We don't want to add lemon juice instantly.
  4. Squeeze out lemon juice in a katori.
  5. Now add lemon juice to the boiled milk little by little. I have squeezed out one big lemon. You will see milk will start curdling. Sometimes it take 1-2 tablespoons of lemon juice to curdled up the milk or sometimes it takes more. You have to keep an eye as well it has started curdling up.
  6. Now pour the curdled milk in the cheese cloth/muslin lined strainer or bowl.
  7. This is how it will look.
  8. Now wash it under tap water or wash it well, so that there is no smell of lemon is left.
  9. Once washed, squeeze out all the water from the muslin cloth. We do not want any water in the cheena.
  10. If you want, you can put this cheena on a dense cloth, so that it soaks all the excess water.
  11. Our Cheena is ready.
  12. Making Cheena Balls : Take Cheena in a thali.
  13. Now with the help of your fingers mash and knead the cheena, so that it becomes soft and combines together. It's a very important step, keep in mind that you do not want to knead it so much that it starts leaving oil or ghee.
  14. Now it time to make small balls from the cheena. Make equal size of lemon size cheena balls. I have made 13 out of it.
  15. Cheena Balls are ready.
  16. Making Chashni / Sugar Syrup : Take Sugar in a deep bottom pan. You have to use a large pot or pan so that there is enough space for the rasgullas to cook and increase in size.
  17. Add water and keep it on a medium flame.
  18. When a boil has come, add a tea-spoon of milk. It will help in taking out all the gunk from the Chashni and will give us a clear sugar syrup. Take out all the dirt as shown below.
  19. Strain this Chashni into a glass and pour it back into the same vessel. We want a gunk-dirt free clear Chashni/Sugar Syrup. It will look like the pic below.
  20. Our Chashni is done.
  21. Making Rasgullas. Put the Chashni on a high flame and slide all the rasgulla balls one by one.
  22. Meanwhile, from time to time keep adding one-one tea spoon of hot water into the Chashni so that there is enough water for the balls to cook. Otherwise, they might get hard.
  23. Let the rasgullas cook for about 14-15 minutes. Remember its important to add hot water from time to time. Just 1-1 spoon in about 5-7 mins is okay. You will see bubbles around the rasgullas, that is all okay.
  24. Final Step :
  25. Once 15 minutes is done. Switch off the gas.
  26. Now take another bowl of normal water. I have taken 3 cups of normal water.
  27. Transfer Rasgullas from Hot Chashni to normal water.
  28. Now pour half of the Chashni that we have made and cooked the rasgullas in.
  29. Let these rasgullas rest for about 4 hours to overnight.
  30. If you feel the rasgullas are hard, you can add a tea-spoon of warm water and they will become soft and spongy again.
  31. Tadaa! Spongy, Yummy and Tasty Rasgullas are ready to gulp down!
  32. Making Rasgullas is definitely an art and takes a lot of patience and practice. But trust me the end result is over whelming. That sheer joy of making rasgullas from your own hands is just amazing!
Recipe Notes

Happy Cooking!

Happy 2016. Lots of love.

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