Bael Juice

Bael, also known as wood apple. Bael tree is commonly found near temples as it has religious values attached to it. The fruit is hard like wood from outside and has sweet pulp inside. Bael fruit can be eaten fresh or dried.

Bael Fruit.
The Fruit looks like this.

Generally people prefer making juice out of it. Bael is available during Summer season and it’s very good for the stomach since it has cooling properties.

Bael juice is very good for health, as it controls diabetes, great for skin and hair too. Click here to know more about its benefits. If Bael is available in your city/town, you should definitely give it a try. Very easy to make and requires just one or two ingredients.

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Bael / Bel Juice
οΏΌBael Juice - Healthy, Yummy and perfect drink for Summer! πŸ™‚
Course drink
Cuisine indian
Course drink
Cuisine indian
  1. In a big bowl, break these bael fruits with the help of a rock or some heavy thing. Make sure you use a steel or aluminium container, as we don't want to break our glassware. The fruit will easily break into pieces and you will see yellow meshy pulp inside.
  2. Fill the same bowl with water and let the fruit get dip inside it for few minutes. Now with the help of your hands squeesh the fruit into the water. We just want the pulp and throw away the hard part of the fruit.
  3. Once done, strain the juice using a strainer. Add more water if required.
  4. Add sugar if required. If you are making it for a diebetic patient, avoid sugar.
  5. Squeeze half a lemon, garnish with few mint leaves and serve chill.
  6. Add lots of crushed ice before serve.
  7. Yummy and Cooling bael juice is ready.
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