About Divya Gattani


Welcome to Divya’s Zaika.

From a Finance Graduate to a Food Blogger, from finance jargons to baking measurements, life has been a roller coaster ride. Cooking was never my passion until I started enjoying it. Learning recipes from my Maa and Grand-Maa. Experimenting new recipes and giving it my own Zaika, I have started enjoying Baking and now it has become my stress buster. Love creating eggless recipes and want to take Vegetarian recipes to the next level.

I have started this blog for those who are beginners in cooking, just like me. If you are a beginner or a bachelor, someone who loves food but don’t know how to cook or where to start from, you have come to the right place. It’s about enjoying this food journey and learning along with me.

Cooking is not a rocket science, but it takes efforts, patience and practice to excel in it.

Let’s cook with heart and serve with love.

Contact Me : divyaszaikaofficial@gmail.com


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