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Paneer Recipe

    Paneer Makhmali Kebab | Paneer Cutlets.

    Makhmali Paneer Kebabs

    Who doesn’t like Paneer? Well, I know a few of them who doesn’t but who cares? Amongst the vegetarians, it’s that ingredient which is loved by (almost) all and is rich in high protein. There are so many recipes that you can make with paneer. From Paneer sabzis to Paneer paratha, sandwiches and yes of course Kebabs! YUM!

    This is one recipe which I experimented and it turned out a huge hit. Everyone loved it in my family and the best part is it doesn’t require that much time. Ah! Easy, quick and yum!

    Melts-in-your-mouth, Makhmali Paneer Kebab is one perfect recipe for winters. Serve it with a spicy coriander chutney.


    This is my version of the recipe, you can experiment and add a little touch to it. Let me know if you do so.

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    Let’s get started!

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    Makhmali Paneer Kebab
    Melt-in-your-mouth Makhmali Paneer Kebab is a must try the recipe this winter. Easy, quick and fun to make. With just a few ingredients you can make this and brag away all the compliments.
    1. In a mixing bowl, take grated paneer. Add thick curd, maida and mix it well. You can adjust the maida and curd ratio. We want a smooth dough kinda texture.
    2. To the mixture add all spices, green chillies and chopped coriander leaves. Mix everything together.
    3. Make small kebabs/tikkis out of it.
    4. Fry them in hot oil on low flame till it become golden brown in color. Serve it with chutney.
    Recipe Notes


    • We want a super smooth paneer dough. Add curd and maida accordingly. Dahi is used to get that "makhmali" texture and maida is the combining agent.
    • Adjust the spices according to your taste.
    • You can even serve it with coriander-dahi restaurant style chutney.
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